Tuesday, June 9, 2015

a little bit of june

I think my body is already on east coast time.  The 4 am hour and I have become pretty well acquainted this past week.  This is giving me time to do a quick little blog post so I am grateful.

At the beginning of June, I got away with Linda and Lisanne for a girls' weekend in Savannah, GA.  It was a long trip across but was great to see old friends (coming up on 25 years  of friendship...yowzers) and to check out this old southern town.  The daily free wine in the courtyard of the hotel was a treat at the end of our days of site-seeing.

Franny and I arrived early for preK one morning so I snapped a pic.  Those "sparkly" shoes on her feet were worn to death and were favored over every other shoe for months.  When her toes started to poke through the front where she had worn off the sparkles, they had to be tossed.

The girls grabbing a selfie...

Mags made next year's select soccer team again.  She loves soccer. #17.

B and Franny chilling on the sidelines of one of Evie's lax games...(not sure Franny realizes she is 3)

We got out to celebrate Eve's upcoming 12th birthday.  Dinner and Pitch Perfect 2.  A fun bunch of girls...

who are silly to the bone....

There was some drama during the evening.  Eve sliced her toe on the escalator.  The shoe didn't make it but, fortunately, the toe did (she even managed to play lacrosse the next morning).  The paramedics were wonderful and we still made the movie.


Getting a little baseball practice in before B's lax practice began...

Franny is not one to miss out...

Maggie has continued on the bar/bat mitzvah circuit...(that dress is not as short as it looks)

Some snuggle time on the couch...

B and I got away to Vancouver for some time with Kris.  Before we even got to the border, B had spilled her entire pop in on the floor of the van and covered herself in ketchup.  Too funny.  (I couldn't get angry as I had spilled an entire tea at my feet the day before...think the van needs a good cleaning...more grossness!!).

Was great to hang with Kris who helped me carry B around after her one pair of shoes gave her a bad blister....(it was bright out :)

With all this gorgeous weather, Franny and I have spent a good chunk of time by the water...

Random notes lying around the house...

This appears to B's latest spa business plan...

The girls had their end-of-year dance recital which is always fun...

Some beach time...

Ribfest with Marc and Cindy and the kids.  We love getting together with this family from back home.

Gabe got to go to a Mariners game with his little league team.  Brave coach to take those hooligans downtown on the bus.  

We celebrated G's birthday.  Avengers, video games and capture the flag.  And cake at 12:30 am.  By the late night laughter and chatter, we could tell they had a great time.

That's a wrap. xo

Thursday, May 21, 2015

fifteen years!

Our kids are so lucky.  Kev and I got married in 2000 so it will forever be easy for them to remember how long we have been married.  No mental math...."Jud is x years old, so they have been married for hmmmm....".

Last week, Kev and I had our 15th anniversary.  Kev was in NYC on the big day and his return was met with a long list of kid activities so there was no formal celebration.  But, that is ok.  Somehow, we don't feel short changed.  For this feeling alone, I feel very lucky.  

Even after 15 years with me, the man still does not swear.  Not one word.  Watch, tomorrow he'll be cursing up a storm but, honestly, I don't know how he does it.  Always good to have a little mystery in a relationship, I hear.

Yay to 15 years of you taking the kids on the scary rides!!  Thanks, Kev. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

spring break 2015

I had thought we would take a pass on a spring break holiday this year.  There was/is crazy stuff going on with Kev's work and we thought that it would be best to stay close to home and not spend a lot of money.  Well, as the school break in April approached, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to stay put.  I hadn't left Seattle since the first weekend in September and when I did it was to Vancouver and cold rain.  The sun and the open road was calling but where to?  

We did consider going back to Hawaii but the reality is that the kids don't really care about beautiful beaches (well, Mags does...sorry, honey).  Give them some heat and a pool and they are good. Spending big money on flights to get them some heat and a pool didn't seem smart.  I just wanted to be away and to feel the heat on my skin.  California.  Upside was we could see some friends while we were down there.

We didn't think we were up for a huge car trip this time around so we were headed to San Fran (a mere 12 hours).  However, a few days before leaving, we realized that the heat wave they were having in San Fran was quickly coming to an end and we were headed to rain.  Arg.  Cancelled hotels lickety-split and rebooked further south.  Disney (what's an 18 hour drive when there are princesses at the end?).  The kids were very excited.  We drove.  It was great (gas is cheap - woohoo!!).

Our Marriott Residence Inn in Anaheim was a good call.  Amazing buffet breakfast to get our days started off right.  We bought shuttle passes to Disney but many mornings we chose to walk (I loved this start to our days...just the seven of us, the sun rising, a day of fun ahead, exercise...).

Some people are not keen on Disney but, for a family like ours, it really seems to work.  There is something for everyone.  We travel as a pack, Kev and I get to be with all of the kids, we carry them, push them, hold hands with them, talk and laugh, plan out our next moves....and then there are the fun rides and treats along the way.  

We ate out a lot but still a waaaayyy cheaper trip than Hawaii (and I got out of the kitchen for a bit - more woohoo!!).

A little more Disney (G wasn't too interested in meeting characters)...

After a couple of Disney days, we saw that the rain was coming so we picked up stakes and headed on to Palm Springs.  I got my heat.

After two very hot sunny pool days, the kids had had enough (not sure whose kids these are sometimes??).   We rented bikes and toured Palm Springs.  Some parts of the ride were great, some not so much.  We have done Palm Springs but, unless I am recovering from something, I don't think we need to go back (but thanks for the heat Palm Springs...not to be ungracious).

Bridget and Franny were real troopers on our long ride (B is still not that confident on a bike and Franny was in the carrier for the 2 hours we were out...she was amazing).  Actually, all of the kids were troopers as no one was all that keen to indulge Mommy with this bike ride.

On our way home, we did one last day at Disney and then got to see the Reids in San Fran.  Loved getting to see these guys and get in a good visit before we pushed on home.  I love that these girls can pick up like no time has passed. 

A good trip but need to check out new places, new sites....Come on world, let me atcha!!!